Monday, February 15

Daily Draws

Whether you are here to learn or to increase your intuition, daily draws are important in developing your tarot language. There are two ways to use daily draws.

First, you can use it as a theme of your day. You can draw in the morning to foretell your day, or pull at night to sum up your day.

If you pull the Fool, you may expect a new opportunity.

Secondly, you can draw a card to learn and observe it. Look for ways it could manifest itself in your life.

Again, if you pull the Fool, look for this kind of situation during your day.

Both can be written down for you to refer back to later. See how that card communicates with you. Remember, the cards are trying to use a language that you understand. But you can't hear it with your ears. Pay attention to what you see in the card. If you are drawing blanks on the card you picked, use this exercise.

It would be doubly beneficial to you if you pull the card and then meditate on it and then go throughout your day.

I recommend that you do use a journal or a word program, just someway to keep track of your daily draws, your thoughts on it, and how it tied into your day. This will be a helpful resource for your learning the tarot language.

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