Monday, February 15

Lesson Four ~ Reading

Now is where we see how well you've developed your powers of observation!

You can use just the majors or the whole deck, up to you.

We're going to start with a 3 card spread. Now, there are many 3 card spreads so please decide beforehand which you will be using.

3 Card Spreads
Printable Spreadsheet 01
Printable Spreadsheet 02
More Printable Pages

I do want you to be a bit specific. If you're going to do a Past, Present, Future spread, decide what the PPF relates to. Because it could be anything. Be as specific as you can with your question.

I will be doing the Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow spread as an example.

Our goal here is to really look at your cards. What do you see?

Let's start with the first card. What position did you pick for this card? How does what you see relate to the position of this card.

The most important thing to remember when you are reading, and this is only my opinion, is how you phrase your question and what positions you assign to your cards. How do you know how to interpret a card in the correct context? Every card has countless meanings, let's set ourselves up for victory by making it as easy as possible.

So, let's look at my Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow. I'm using the Tarot of Dreams.

Yesterday: The Chariot

The Charioteer looks quite confident while he holds the reigns of two beautiful white horses coming out of the cresting of a wave.

This is pretty much how I felt yesterday. It was my birthday and, as any woman in her 30's, I don't like getting older. My emotions (water) were all over the place as I wrestled with time and aging, and also wacky hormones. I tried my best to just ride it out. Not a typical reading of this card, but that's what I see in relation to yesterday.

Today: 5 Wands

Four men with four wands. One pair of hands holding another wand. Two of the men are back to back, looking as if they are a united front against unseen attackers. The other two seem to be fighting each other.

My life is rather boring so I'm always surprised to see such action for me. But today, I had to wrestle with myself to get some cleaning and unpacking and organizing done. I did get some done, the two united men, but not as much as I would have liked, the two still fighting. But I'm proud of myself that I did accomplish something, the hands holding the fifth wand.

Tomorrow: King Wands

Ugh, a court card. It is difficult for me to gleam anything by observing a person's face, but I'm going to try. I can see two astrological signs on the card, sagittarius and scorpio I think. But I don't know much about astrology. But being the King and of Wands I can gleam some from just that.

Tomorrow I actually must leave the house and have quite a few things to do. I suppose this is just telling me that I will have to be careful and make good use of my time if I'm to get everything done. I doubt very much there will be a man involved, as my doc is a woman, and I'm to see my sis and mom. But who knows.

I'm actually very glad a court showed here as I am able to show you what to do when you get nothing from a card. Especially in a future position. This is where keeping track of your readings can come in handy. Tomorrow night, I can reflect on this card and see if anything clicks there.

Now we can also read the three as a whole. I'm obviously moving from water (emotions) to fire (action/creativity). Which is quite true so far. And with that King at the end, it looks like I will handle the action well.

So, go ahead and pic a 3 card, get specific, and go from there. Really try to immerse yourselves into the cards and relate it to the position. Don't get discouraged if you get nothing. We are still in the learning stage!

Good luck!!

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