Tuesday, April 28

The Fool ~ Tarot of Dreams

The first thing I notice here is that our Fool has no face. He has form and hands and legs and feet, but no face. He is wearing a mask around his eyes, which he has, eyes that is. He has eyes but no face.

In one hand he holds a sphere that contains the Earth. In the other, a big $gold ring that reminds of magician's rings. He is wearing a jester's hat and his clothes are quite colorful. He has giant sleeves and coat tails. Along the ends of these sleeves and tails are gold bells, or balls. But I think bells. There are also these gold bells on the three ends of his hat. Oh wait, I take that back. I cannot tell for sure if there is a bell on one of the coat tails, it is behind him, I cannot see it. On his jacket, there are... oh what do you call, medals? Like in the military. There are three; one star, one moon, one sun. The shirt underneath his jacket looks to be made of gold fish scales. There is a gold chain holding his coat closed.

He is standing on top of a ball, which seems to just be hovering over water. This ball is red with yellow suns and stars on it. In between his feet is an orange tabby cat trying to bat at a monarch butterfly. The butterfly is just out of reach. Around this ball there is a rainbow, at a strange angle.

The sky behind him is a lovely blue with white and lavender clouds on both sides of the card. There is also a moon, crescent, almost looking like an eclipse in progress. Lower, there is a wonderful looking city, almost a white pearl color. Beautiful buildings and castles. I immediately wish to live there.

So, my thoughts are, why does the Fool wish to leave this place? It looks wonderful!

I am immediately thinking, "This is life." This is the moment before we are born. This is us leaving Heaven/Summerland and being born into hell/earth. We leave all that we know, all that is beautiful and peaceful, and we move out into the unknown. We go out alone, maybe with an animal guide or two :) and we go to earth.

I have never seen this card in this way ever. It has quite blown my mind.


  1. What deck are you describing here? I want to see 'Summerland'!

  2. It's the Tarot of Dreams... http://www.ciromarchetti.com/CatalogueRetrieve.aspx?CatalogueID=57299