Saturday, May 2

The Hermit...

For the second lesson, I've decided to take a look at the Hermit.

The Hermit sits on a jut of rock on the side of a mountain. It looks sort of like the Grand Canyon on more mysterious. It is a deep recess and I cannot see the bottom but I can see the top. There is a red sunset and I can see the black night sky with stars above the red clouds. I can see the other side of the canyon. There is a hole with water pouring from it. Below that I can see another just of rock with trees on it. The water continue to flow from here as well.

The Hermit sits crossed-legged, although he has robes on, with a hood. He has a long white beard. I cannot tell if his eyes are closed or rolled up in his head, making me think he is in some sort of trance. His hands rest on his knees, palms down. Beside him is a glowing orb on some sort of metal staff. This orb illuminates part of his face.

If the Fool was to come upon this Hermit, I doubt very much the Hermit would allow himself to be interrupted. I think he really would not even know the Fool was there. He is much too deep in his trance, gaining great insights.

I like this card as it looks like a place I would like to be and I think I would do exactly what he is doing. Closing out this world and going infinitely within, where there is knowledge only he possesses and only he can unlock.

I think our Fool could gain knowledge, simply by stumbling across our Hermit and not being able to rouse him.

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