Tuesday, May 5


I picked Judgement for our last exercise because it is a card I have a difficult time understanding.

Before I go into this, I wanted to speak about the color. This entire deck (Tarot of Dreams) is so colorful. This card is purple, orange, and gold. And a yellow so bright, it looks as if the sun is shining through the card. I actually have to squint.

There are two gold pillars, one on each side of the card. In front of these pillars are gold men. They are quite muscular and they are nude. They hold on to a giant gold ring, much like the one the Fool was holding, only bigger.

Below them are purple mountains and trees in a purple mist and white clouds. Rising from here, we see naked, female, purple spirits. I am not sure what this has to do with the giant gold ring. These spirits look like marionettes. They are motionless, slumped over. It looks like they are being pulled up.

In between the two pillars are bright yellow feathers, like giant angel feathers. I cannot tell if they are now attached to our highest purple soul.

Anyway, above these wings is a woman's face, transparent. There is a glowing triangle on her "third eye." Also, the giant gold ring seems to hit right at her temples and disappears behind her image. Her face is expressionless.

I feel a lot of warmth in this card, quite different than I see it in the RWS deck. I get the feeling of ascension. Like finally becoming aware of the universal consciousness. I could view the woman's face as that of the Goddess and these souls are returning to what they were before this incarnation on Earth. One thing I don't feel in this card is actual judgment. It simply just is.

I must admit I am still baffled by this card. If I were the Fool, looking upon this sight, I think I would see that this is what happens when I die. I am simply returned to where I came from.

I really like that I'm doing these exercises with a deck I have not used before. I have nothing to fall back on in order to make sense of these images. But I'm still not sure how I would read this card in a spread. I guess we shall see if I ever need to.

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