Wednesday, February 24

Lesson Six ~ The Knights

Ok, the Knights for me are all about movement, if they are not depicting a person. So, you want to pay attention if a knight shows up with the Chariot, the 6 Swords, the 8 of Cups, or any other card that shows movement. You also want to check for cards that promote non-movement.

I also read using Elemental Dignities, which I suppose I should do a lesson on after we get through the courts.

Again, I will be showing the knights from the Robin Wood, as they are the best courts, in my opinion.

Knight of Wands
Keyword: Light Bringer

Let's take a look at that image. Our knight is in the desert. He is full armor with what appears to be a lion on his head. The horse's mane and tail are fire.

Lots of passion here, lots of movement and action. Lots of creativity. Reversed could signify boredom and trickery.

He has the same qualities of the page, only know he has a direction. He knows how to handle that wand and he knows what he wants to do with it. I happen to see the knights in a more physical plane. The page is new, investigating, learning. He becomes the knight.

But because the suit of Wands has to do with passion, intuition, vision, creativity, sexuality, spirituality.... he is bringing these into form in the physical plane.

Knight of Cups
Keyword: Lover

Another great image! Here our setting is the sea. The knight's chain mail looks to be made of fish scales. His helmet is a sea shell. The horse has a fish tail instead of back legs, and his mane is sea foam.

Here is a knight in the element of water. Feeling, emotion, ideals, hopes, relationships, psychic abilities. It is with this card that these things are given form and come into the physical world. He is desire. Reversed, he is possessive and prone to be over emotional. I would look for depression over being rejected. If we remember back to the Page who was in love with everything. Here we will have a certain something. An object of his desire.

Knight of Swords
Keyword: Champion

Here our knight is in flight, soaring amongst the clouds. His helmet also has wings on it. The horse, or shall we say Pegasus, has wings as well. His sword is being struck by lightning.

Swords are all about knowledge for me. So here is knowledge in action. This guy is on a crusade. Campaigning for equal rights, etc. Anything that he thinks is so logical, why doesn't everyone else get it? He is well informed and knows all about what he's fighting for. And because he is so well-versed, this gives him the insight needed to follow what his actions will do. For example, say he's crusading for a new law. He will be able to tell you how it will affect everything! Even when you don't really care.

Reversed, he can be a terrible rival and may be prone to anger.

Knight of Pents
Keyword: Protector

This is our only knight not on the move, so take that into consideration if you're looking for movement. It may be slow and steady. Our knight also looks like he won't be moving too much in that full armor. His horse also looks to be heartier than the others. Stable and protecting. This is a knight you trust and rightfully so.

We can follow the page to this knight. All that building and working with his hands has led to power. Here, the pentacles are about power, instinct, physicality, and matter in the physical world.

Reversed, he can desert those he's sworn to protect or he can neglect them altogether.

Feel free to ask questions, and make up your own meanings.

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